Congestion Management Process

Congestion Management Process


The Congestion Management Process (CMP) for the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization identifies congested surface transportation facilities, evaluates projects proposed to mitigate congestion, and prioritizes these projects using quantifiable performance measures in order to assist decision-makers in selecting projects for inclusion in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and Oahu Regional Transportation Plan (ORTP).


The Procedures and Responsibilities Report (April 2001) identifies our CMP procedures and the roles and responsibilities of the OahuMPO and our participating agencies.

The Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (updated December 2005) is the mechanism for collecting the data needed to quantify the CMP performance measures and prioritize proposed congestion-relief projects.

The State of Congestion on Oahu (updated November 2016) identifies the status of congestion on Oahu. It provides a baseline reference with which projects proposed in the TIP and ORTP can be compared with and prioritized.