Public review: Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) FFYs 2015-2018 Revision #12

The OahuMPO has released the public draft of Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) FFYs 2015-2018 Revision #12 for public comment. Comments are due by June 30, 2016.

Please see our website for information on viewing the document and submitting comments:

The TIP is a four-year schedule of surface transportation projects and programs for Oahu. The current TIP covers years 2015-2018. Twice annually, proposed revisions to the TIP are entertained to allow for adjustments that reflect changes in project development and implementation.

TIP Revision #12 is considered a TIP amendment, which means that it includes major changes to some projects. An amendment requires solicitation of public comments, as well as Technical Advisory Committee review and approval by the Policy Board. For your information, OahuMPO has also posted TIP Revision #10 (a pre-approved administrative modification) and TIP Revision #11 (an expedited administrative modification) on the TIP page of our website: