Title VI and Environmental Justice Monitoring

OahuMPO maintains a database of Title VI and Environmental Justice (T6/EJ) populations on Oahu in order to assess the impacts of the various plans and transportation projects that receive federal funds on those populations.  That database requires updating after every census in order to accurately reflect current conditions.  In addition, OahuMPO has a GIS-based T6/EJ analysis tool to analyze the potential impacts of Oahu Regional Transportation Program and Transportation Improvement Program projects on those populations.  However, in the decade since its development, there have been vast improvements in mapping and spatial analysis tools.   As part of this project, OahuMPO desires an investigation into all reasonable possibilities of developing an alternative T6/EJ analysis tool, a comparison of the functionality of these alternatives with the existing T6/EJ tool, cost estimates of each alternative (both development and life cycle costs), and a professional recommendations to either continue to maintain the existing analysis tool or switch to a better one.

Responsible Agency: OahuMPO

Percent Complete: 1%