Household Interview Travel Survey and Travel Demand Forecasting Model Refresh


The last Oahu household interview travel survey was conducted in 1995, and consisted of approximately 4,000 households.  Visitors were last surveyed in 1991.  These data were used to develop the Travel Demand Forecasting Model, which is used to forecast the traffic impacts of various land use changes.  Since the household survey was conducted, there have been numerous changes on Oahu that have likely impacted travel behavior, including 1) an increase of approximately 45,000 households on Oahu from 1995 to 2007; 2) the development of the Ewa-Kapolei areas, which experienced a 104% population growth from 1995 to 2007; 3) increases in the secondary housing market and seasonally occupied condominiums in Waikiki; 4) major transportation projects since 1995, including the H-3 project and the H-1 zipper lane; and 5) transit system improvements since 1995.  Given the changes that have occurred on Oahu since the last household interview travel survey, Federal requirements that project analysis be based on current data, and OahuMPO’s desire to continue to keep its travel model up-to-date, it is now an appropriate time to invest in travel survey data collection.

Responsible Agency: OahuMPO

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