Honolulu Urban Core Parking Master Plan


The last comprehensive parking study for Honolulu was done in 1973.  Changes in parking demand, supply, and technology, as well as the impact of future transit plans, needs to be assessed and integrated into a comprehensive parking plan for the urban core.  Because of this, the study needs to be updated.

These links go to copies of the draft final reports: HNL EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Feb 2011, Amendment 1 – HNL Meter Sys Def DRAFT FINAL, Task 3 – HNL Monetization Analysis DRAFT FINAL,Task 4 – HNL Mkt and Fin DRAFT FINALTask 5 – HNL 1973 Update DRAFT FINAL_WITH_APPENDICES, Task 6 – HNL Cond Appraisal DRAFT FINALTask 7 – HNL Rate Study DRAFT FINAL, and Task 8 Parking Meter Study DRAFT FINAL.

Responsible Agency: Department of Transportation Services, City & County of Honolulu

Percent Complete: 85%