Farrington Highway Mākaha Beach Realignment Feasibility Study

The purpose of this study is to identify the social, environmental, technical, and economic impacts, costs, and benefits of a potential realignment of Farrington Highway (State Route 93) in the vicinity of Mākaha Beach Park near Kili Drive. The study team will also consider other alternatives and will solicit input from the public and other stakeholders. The information and input from this study will be used to develop a consensus on a locally preferred alternative and other recommendations.

OahuMPO will serve as the manager for this study in consultation with the Hawaii Department of Transportation and the City and County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services. This study is being funded through the OahuMPO Overall Work Program.

Current Status

The OahuMPO Policy Board voted to remove funding for the Farrington Highway Mākaha Beach Realignment Feasibility Study from the FY 2022 Overall Work Program at their May 25, 2021 meeting. Thus, the study has been cancelled and will no longer move forward.

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Kiana Otsuka, Transportation Planner
Phone: (808) 587-2015
Email: Kiana.Otsuka@oahumpo.org