Planning Studies

The table below lists ongoing planning studies that are supported by funding from OahuMPO. OahuMPO supports planning efforts by performing studies or providing funding to sub-recipients to perform studies. An “*” next to the name of the study title indicates the study is being performed by a sub-recipient agency.

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Materials for subrecipients can be found at this link: Subrecipient resources

Study Title Description Percent Complete
Central Oahu Transportation Study This study will assess the multi-modal transportation needs of the Central Oahu region, and identify key transportation system improvements, strategies, and policies that can improve regional transportation mobility and access in a sustainable way.
100 %
Complete Streets Implementation Plan* The objective of this study is to implement the goals and requirements of the City/County of Honolulu Complete Streets ordinance as it applies to existing streets.
100 %
Congestion Management Process Update This project will re-evaluate the existing Congestion Management Process and update it, as appropriate, based on the availability of new technologies, new tools,
proven strategies, and/or new Federal, State, and local government requirements.
6 %
Contra-Flow Update Study* The purpose of this study is to improve the AM and PM peak traffic congestion in the Primary Urban Center by identifying and quantifying if additional contra-flow measures are feasible in the peak travel periods.
100 %
Emergency Evacuation Plan* This project will document the informational gap that exists for the resident and visitor population on evacuation routes from the coastal areas, and identify refuge areas, shelter locations, and traffic signage.  Tsunami Evacuation Zone Boundary signage will also establish the minimum safe evacuation distance. The project is complete pending receipt by the OahuMPO Policy Board.  
100 %
Ewa Impact Fees for Traffic & Roadway Improvements Update Study* The objectives of this project are 1) to update the ordinance, 2) Review the Ewa Highway Master Plan, and 3) to develop administrative policies and procedures for collection, accounting, and distribution of funds collected through the impact fee assessment.  
90 %
Farrington Highway Mākaha Beach Realignment Feasibility Study The objectives of this project are to determine the social, environmental, technical, and economic impacts, costs, and benefits of realigning Farrington Highway mauka of Makaha Beach Park; and to make a recommendation as to the feasibility of realigning the roadway based on a technical evaluation.  
10 %
Honolulu Urban Core Parking Master Plan* This project will update the previous parking study done in 1973 and will reflect the changes in parking demand, supply, and technology, as well as the impact of future transit plans in the urban core. The project is complete pending receipt by the OahuMPO Policy Board.  
100 %
Kapalama Sub-Area Multimodal Circulation and Mobility Study*  This project will provide the City & County of Honolulu and its partners with a framework for identifying and scoping multimodal traffic operational and other  potential “Complete Streets”
improvements to support the communities’ vision for land use and neighborhood revitalization.
1 %
Makakilo Traffic Study* This study will ascertain traffic safety improvements, enforcement measures, and educational measures for Makakilo to address the traffic safety concerns that have been expressed by the community.  
40 %
Oahu Mass Transit Joint Operational Feasibility Study* This study will examine various operational
alternatives for bus – rail mass transit operations on Oahu, including but not limited to joint operations,
independent operations and/or hybrid operations.
1 %
OahuMPO Planning Process Review This project is a comprehensive review of OahuMPO’s processes and procedures.  The goal is to ensure that all processes are relevant and procedures are efficient. The project is complete pending receipt by the OahuMPO Policy Board.  
100 %
PM Peak Period Tow Away Zone Time Modifications on Urban Arterials* The objective of this project is to analyze the effectiveness of current PM peak tow restrictions on urban
arterial streets in the City & County of Honolulu and to determine what, if any, modifications to these
existing tow away times would improve overall traffic conditions.
1 %
Roadway Surface Conditions Assessment and Repair Plan* This project will provide a plan and tools for better understanding and management of pavement resources through regular inventories, management guidelines, policies, procedures, and preservation methods.
100 %
Separate Left-Turn Phase Alternatives Study* The goal of this study is to develop a method to evaluate locations and determine if installing a left-turn phase, with its sometimes negative effect on through traffic, is feasible.  
64 %
Short-Range Transit Service Operations Plan* This project identified short-range capital improvements and financial priorities for Honolulu’s public transportation operations for the years 2009 through 2015. The project is complete pending receipt by the OahuMPO Policy Board.
100 %
Tantalus & Round Top Drive Boundary Identification Study* This project established a right-of-way boundary and topographic map to be used as planning tools. The project is complete pending receipt by the OahuMPO Policy Board.
100 %
Title VI and Environmental Justice Monitoring This project will update the OahuMPO’s database of Title VI and Environmental Justice (T6/EJ) populations on Oahu and investigate possibilities of developing an alternative T6/EJ analysis tool.
2 %
Traffic Signal Prioritization Methodology* The goal of this project is to establish an objective, empirical means for the installation prioritization of pedestrian/traffic signals.  This system will refine the method currently in use.  
100 %
Village Park-Kupuna Loop Sub-Area Corridor Study* This comprehensive study will assess the existing and future conditions in the Village Park area.  It will ascertain and mitigate the current and future operations of the roadway system in the study area and similar areas islandwide. The project is complete pending receipt by the OahuMPO Policy Board.  
100 %
Waikiki Regional Circulator Study* The Waikiki Regional Circulator Study was undertaken to achieve three objectives: develop a plan that leads toward sustainable public transit service between the future rail terminus at Ala Moana Shopping Center and Waikīkī and address any resulting transit service impacts to McCully, Mō‘ili‘ili, Kapahulu, and the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, develop and identify ways to effectively integrate concepts of livable communities into the circulator study, and conduct an ongoing stakeholder oversight and public outreach process.  
100 %
West Waikiki Traffic Study* This project will study mitigation measures and conceptual circulation plans for Waikiki from a context-sensitive and complete streets approach. The objective of the work element is to conduct an area-wide traffic circulation study to identify and quantify existing deficiencies in the Hobron Lane area. The project is complete pending receipt by the OahuMPO Policy Board.
100 %