Current Active Projects

The current program of transportation projects that have been selected for implementation is found in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The TIP is the adopted list of projects that are expected to receive federal funds, or that require action by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) or Federal Transit Administration (FTA), along with other regionally significant projects.

You can review information about specific TIP projects using the search form and interactive map below. Each project also has an individual map illustrating the project location. These maps are directly identifiable by the project number. A description of the project can be found in the TIP document.

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Additional Interactive Maps

(Maps for FFYs 2015-2018 TIP)

The Interactive Maps below are available to view the location of each project (in the draft FFYs 2015-2018 TIP) with other information such as natural resources and conservation areas.

Please be sure to check out the instructions for viewing interactive maps and the interactive map legend if you are unfamiliar with the documents below.

Interactive MapProject Name
OC23-interactiveSalt Lake Boulevard Widening, Phase 3
TIP OC01-interactiveAlapai Transportation Management Center
TIP OC03-interactiveBridge Inspection and Appraisal
TIP OC04-interactiveComputerized Traffic Control System
TIP OC05-interactiveFarringtom Highway (Routes 7110 and 9107) Improvements, Phase 1
TIP OC06-interactiveKapolei Parkway Extension (Route 8920)
TIP OC07-interactiveMakakilo Drive (Route 8810) Extension
TIP OC09-interactiveTraffic Signal Optimization
TIP OC11-interactiveWaipio Point Access Road Improvements (Route 7139)
TIP OC16-interactiveHonolulu High-Capacity Transit Corridor Project
TIP OC17-interactiveLocal Shuttle Service
TIP OC18-interactiveMiddle Street Intermodal Center
TIP OS02-interactiveFarrington Highway (Route 93), Bridge Rehabilitation, Ulehawa Stream Bridge
TIP OS03-interactiveFarrington Highway (Route 93), Bridge Replacement, Maipalaoa Bridge
TIP OS04-interactiveFarrington Highway (Route 93), Bridge Replacement, Makaha Bridges #3 & #3A
TIP OS05-interactiveFreeway Management System, Interstate H-1, H-2, and Moanalua Freeway (Route H-201 and 78)
TIP OS09-interactiveFreeway Service Patrol
TIP OS10-interactiveGuardrail and Shoulder Improvements, Various Locations
TIP OS12-interactiveInterstate Routes H-1, H-2, and H-201 Destination Sign Upgrade/Replacement
TIP OS13-interactiveInterstate Route H-1, Bridge Rehabilitation, Kapalama Canal, Halona Street Bridge
TIP OS14-interactiveInterstate Route H-1, Guardrail & Shoulder Improvements, Kapiolani Interchange to Ainakoa Avenue
TIP OS15-interactiveInterstate Route H-1, Guardrail & Shoulder Improvements, Middle St (Route 7415) to Punchbowl St (Route 7516)
TIP OS16-interactiveInterstate Route H-1, Highway Lighting Improvements, Kaimakani Overpass to Middle Street, Phase 1
TIP OS17-interactiveInterstate Route H-1, Kapolei Interchange Complex
TIP OS18-interactiveInterstate Route H-1, Pearl City and Waimalu Viaduct Improvements, Phase 2
TIP OS19-interactiveInterstate Route H-1, PM Contraflow, Westbound, Waiawa Interchange Improvements, Phase 1
TIP OS20-interactiveInterstate Route H-1 Safety Improvements, Beginning of H-1 (Palailai Interchange) to Waiawa Overpass
TIP OS21-interactiveInterstate Route H-1, Waiawa Interchange, Westbound, Waipahu Off-Ramp Improvements
TIP OS22-interactiveInterstate Route H-3, Seismic Retrofit, Kuou Bridge and Halekou Interchange, Structures 1,2, and 3
TIP OS23-interactiveKalanianaole Highway (Route 72) Bicycle Improvements, Waimanalo Beach Park to Kainoa Beach Park
TIP OS24-interactiveKalanianaole Highway (Route 72), Bridge Replacement, Inoaole Stream Bridge, Waimanalo
TIP OS25-interactiveKalanianaole Highway (Route 72), Improvements, Olomana Golf Course to Waimanalo Beach Park, Phase 1
TIP OS26-interactiveKalanianaole Highway (Route 72), Improvements, Olomana Golf Course to Waimanalo Beach Park, Phase II
TIP OS27-interactiveKamehameha Highway, Bridge Rehabilitation, Makaua Stream Bridge
TIP OS28-interactiveKamehameha Highway, Bridge Replacement, Kaipapau Stream Bridge
TIP OS29-interactiveKamehameha Highway, Bridge Replacement, Kaluanui Stream Bridge
TIP OS30-interactiveKamehameha Highway, Bridge Replacement, Kawela Stream Bridge
TIP OS31-interactiveKamehameha Highway, Bridge Replacement, Laieloa Stream Bridge
TIP OS32-interactiveKamehameha Highway, Bridge Replacement, South Kahana Stream Bridge
TIP OS33-interactiveKamehameha Highway, Bridge Replacement, Upper Poamoho Stream Bridge
TIP OS34-interactiveKamehameha Highway, Bridge Replacement, Waiahole Stream Bridge
TIP OS35-interactiveKamehameha Highway, Bridge Replacement, Waikane Stream Bridge
TIP OS36-interactiveKamehameha Highway, Bridge Replacement, Waipilopilo Stream Bridge
TIP OS37-interactiveKamehameha Highway, Rockfall Protection, Waimea Bay
TIP OS38-interactiveKamehameha Highway, Shoreline Protection, Vicinity of Hauula
TIP OS39-interactiveKamehameha Highway, Shoreline Protection, Vicinity of Kaaawa
TIP OS40-interactiveKamehameha Highway, Shoreline Protection, Vicinity of Punaluu
TIP OS41-interactiveKamehameha Highway, Wetland Enhancement, Vicinity of Ukoa Pond
TIP OS42-interactiveKualakai Parkway (Route 8930) Extension
TIP OS43-interactiveLeeward Bikeway, Phase II, Hawaiian Railway Society Train Station to Lualualei Naval Road
TIP OS44-interactiveMoanalua Freeway (Route 78) and Interstate Route H-2, Guardrail and Shoulder Improvements
TIP OS45-interactiveMoanalua Freeway (Route H-201), Highway Lighting Improvements, Halawa Heights Off-Ramp to the Middle St Overpass
TIP OS46-interactiveMoanalua Freeway (Route H-201), Highway Lighting Improvements, Halawa to the H-3 Freeway Overpass
TIP OS47-interactiveMoanalua Freeway (Route H-201), Seismic Retrofit, Puuloa Interchange, Ramp "A"
TIP OS48-interactiveMoanalua Freeway (Route H-201), Seismic Retrofit, Puuloa Separation
TIP OS51-interactiveKamehameha Highway, Safety Improvements, Vicinity of Kahekili Highway (Route 83) to Waikane Valley Road
TIP OS52-interactiveSand Island Access Road (Route 64), Truck Weigh Station, Kapalama Container Terminal
TIP OS56 - interactiveInterstate Route H-1, Eastbound, Vineyard Boulevard On Ramp, Lusitana Street Connection

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