Review and Update of Planned Rights-of-Way for Existing Streets

This study reviewed the City’s existing policies regarding widening and improvement of existing streets island wide, consistent with recommendations from the Primary Urban Center Development Plan and the ongoing Complete Streets Implementation Study. The goals of this important efforts are:

  • To undertake a comprehensive review and update of the entire island’s planned street widening maps based on current land use plans, best practice planning models, and updated assumptions regarding trip generation by different modes of travel;
  • To help identify how street rights-of-way (ROW) can best be allocated to the various modes of transportation, resulting in an overall optimal movement of people regardless of mode;
  • To ensure the implementation of the goals and requirements of the Complete Streets ordinance as it applies to existing streets and ROWs;
  • To prepare for the rail transit system and assist with implementation of the neighborhood transit oriented development (TOD) plans;
  • To increase safety, accessibility, mobility, and connectivity for motorized and non-motorized users; and
  • To ensure an engagement process with the public and planning and engineering professionals.

Final Report
Project Story Map
Introduction to Right-Of-Way and Street Types (Youtube)
Project Overview and Conclusions (Youtube)