Transit Fares Scenario Modeling Study

The purpose of the Transit Fares Scenario Modeling Study (“Fares Study”) is to forecast and analyze the ridership and fare revenue resulting from a short list of fare product and pricing options. Objectives to be accomplished include: 

  • Provide City and HART staff with data on ridership and revenue impacts of fare changes 
  • Provide OahuMPO with data on the relationship between fare products, revenue, and ridership 
  • Incorporate updated land use and transportation networks in analyzing fares and ridership 

The Fares Study is intended to be an improvement to the regional Travel Demand Forecasting Model (TDFM) in TransCAD. The TDFM currently uses a fixed fare value of $0.68. Wait times and weights are also default values in the mode split model and they will be greatly improved and informed through this effort. HART’s consultant will update the TDFM network to represent the current bus rail integration strategy, classify market segments and ridership characteristics, as well as provide up to five revenue and ridership forecasts. HART’s consultant will also document the work and post the TDFM back into OahuMPO’s model repository. 

While this project was underway, DTS became responsible for transit fares inclusive of rail, per the Charter 4 Amendment.  Therefore, this study ran through two less scenarios than was originally planned.

Responsible Agency:  Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation

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