Overall Work Program (OWP)

About the OWP

The Overall Work Program (OWP) describes and programs (1)  the budgetary and staffing resources necessary for OahuMPO to meet federal requirements and (2) regionally significant transportation planning studies.

The OWP is a requirement for metropolitan transportation planning activities performed with Federal funds provided under 23 USC and 49 USC 53.

The OWP identifies transportation-related planning studies (called work elements) undertaken by the OahuMPO and its participating agencies. Often these studies are completed in order to investigate and better understand a specific transportation problem and to help define the best possible solution. Other studies included in the OWP address Federal planning requirements, such as the development of a Congestion Management Process, or monitoring the impact of projects on low-income and minority populations.

OWP Processes & Procedures

OWP FY2024-2025

The public & intergovernmental review period ended on March 3, 2023. OahuMPO anticipates presenting the final draft to OahuMPO committees in April.
OWP FY2024-2025 Public Review Draft

OWP FY2023

The OahuMPO Policy Board endorsed the OWP FY2023 on May 31, 2022.  Click here for the final draft. 

In addition to the OahuMPO operations budget, the OWP FY2023 programs funds for the following:

  • Public outreach software
  • Support for the development of a Strategic Plan
  • Training, Education and Workforce Development
  • Traffic Signal Optimization & Demand Management (proposed by Department of Transportation Services)
  • Multi-modal Assessment (proposed by the Hawaii State Energy Office)
  • Educational Framework for Youth Engagement in Oahu’s Transportation Planning (proposed by UH Manoa, Uehiro Academy for Philosophy and Ethics in Education)

OWP FY2022
Click here for the OWP FY2022 As Of Revisions #1, 2 and 3.

OWP FY2021
Click here for the final OWP FY 2021 as of Revisions 1-2 and changes approved as part of the OWP FY2022 cycle.

OWP FY2020
Click here for the final OWP FY2020 as of Revisions 1-4

OWP Basic Development Process

The OWP is approved biennially by the OahuMPO Policy Board and amended as needed. The studies and activities (“work elements”) programmed in the OWP are consistent with OahuMPO’s regional planning priorities and goals. The work elements that fulfill federal requirements are the OahuMPO’s highest priority.

The work elements identified in the OWP receive funding from the USDOT through the FHWA and/or the FTA and local funding from partner agencies. The OahuMPO partner agencies include the State of Hawaii (State), the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART), and the City and County of Honolulu (City). OahuMPO partner agencies and eligible government agencies that receive OWP funds for transportation planning activities are referred to as “subrecipients”.

The process for developing the OWP consists of seven phases:
1. Identification of regional planning priorities.
2. Identification of high priority work elements.
3. Call for candidate work elements.
4. Drafting the OWP.
5. Public and Intergovernmental Review.
6. Approving the OWP.
7. Progress and expenditure reporting.


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