FFYs 2019-2022 TIP – Equity in Spending

To evaluate the equity in spending of the FFYs 2019-2022 TIP, OahuMPO analyzed planned investment in T6/EJ population areas. The analysis entailed determining the percent investment and average per capita investment by Census block group based on the list of projects included in the TIP.

The results indicate that under the FFYs 2019-2022 TIP, while 23% of block groups are designated as T6/EJ areas, 35.5% of TIP investment is in T6/EJ block groups. Individuals in T6/EJ block groups receive about $3,168 average per capita investment, while individuals in non-T6/EJ block groups receive about $2,509 average per capita investment.

More detailed analysis is shown in the graphics below.