Oahu Regional Transportation Plan Public Engagement

ORTP 2045: Public Participation Process Updates

OahuMPO completed it’s public participation phases for the ORTP 2045 March 30, 2021. The phases of participation included the following:

Phase 1: Information and outreach booths, focus groups, and an online survey (see full evaluation of Phase 1 here)
Phase 2: Virtual open houses, online survey and web map (see report here)
Phase 3: Intergovernmental and Public Review, 6 community meetings hosted with City Councilmembers and transportation agency sponsors, and final survey (see final sheet of comments and agency responses from the IGR and public review period here) (see report here).

Thank you to all those who participated in our Virtual Open House!

OahuMPO held three virtual open house meetings to provide an opportunity for the public to get to know OahuMPO, what we do, and how to get involved in our planning efforts.  The two purposes of the virtual open house was: (1) to help build relationships with members of the public prior to asking for formal feedback for the ORTP and (2) to help provide the public a basic understanding of transportation planning, so that when we solicit feedback, they may provide more informed comments.   

Overall, OahuMPO felt positive about the outcome of the virtual open houses. The feedback we received will help us improve upon content as we intend to utilize this strategy on a bi-annual basis. We feel we achieved our goal for this strategy which was to facilitate an opportunity for the community to ask questions about what the MPO does, who the staff is, and how they can get involved. Based on our feedback, we feel confident we were able to cultivate new and strengthen existing relationships to move toward an informed citizenry that has a foundation of trust for future engagement efforts for required products and planning endeavors island wide.

To read the full report on the virtual open houses, please click here


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