OahuMPO Planning Process Review

The OahuMPO Planning Process Review is available for download.

Initiated in 2012, the goal of this plan was to identify ways to improve the Federally-required continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive (“3-C”) planning process between the OahuMPO and its participating agencies, other departments and agencies, and the public.  In 2014, the scope of the project was adjusted to assist OahuMPO staff in addressing the Federal corrective actions contained in the certification review.

OahuMPO Planning Process Review


OahuMPO was formed in 1975.  Over time, various processes have developed to address planning needs and Federal planning regulations, and have become accepted standard operating procedures.  However, for any agency, department, or company, an occasional comprehensive review is necessary to ensure that the processes and procedures that were developed to address a specific need are still relevant and that all procedures are working together as efficiently as possible.

Responsible Agency: OahuMPO

Percent Complete: 40%