OahuMPO is hiring!

OahuMPO has openings for a Transportation Planner, Senior Transportation Planner, Clerk, and of course we’re looking for our Executive Director.

Full Description – Executive Director  
The Executive Director shall be responsible for day-to-day supervision and management of the OahuMPO staff; recruiting and hiring staff to fill positions authorized by the Policy Board; fiscal management, including procurement of goods and services consistent with 2 CFR 200: implementation of policy; direction, coordination, and oversight of activities within the purview of the OahuMPO.

Job Description-Senior Transportation Planner
Conduct fact‐finding and analysis of transportation problems, issues, and policies.  Represent the OahuMPO  in meetings with agencies and the public.  Coordinate planning activities with government agencies, private  sector, and the general public; write reports/letters/memos; and perform other duties as assigned. Supervise  and provide directions to planners in the conduct and development of the various activities of the  metropolitan planning process.  Oversee the development, update, and modification of the Transportation  Improvement Program and its related processes.

Job Description – Clerk
Performs administrative and office support activities for all staff members; supports the maintenance of electronic and hard filing system, including creating files as needed, and appropriately filing materials provided by OahuMPO staff members; assists the Executive Director in formatting office policies; receives and directs visitors; fields in-coming telephone calls; copies, assembles, and mails out meeting materials; runs official errands for OahuMPO; and performs various other duties as assigned.