Join the Citizen Advisory Committee


Interested organizations and groups may apply to join the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC). If your organization is interested in first-time CAC membership, the CAC bylaws indicate that an organization shall submit a completed Membership Application** (27K) form and a cover letter (see sample (10K)) within two months of becoming eligible for membership. The application and letter must:

  • Be sent to OahuMPO within three months of earning the required four attendance credits (within a 12-month period);
  • Be printed on the organization’s letterhead;
  • Be signed by the organization’s presiding officer; and
  • Be sent to the Policy Committee Chair at the OahuMPO business office.

OahuMPO’s business office is located at:

Ocean View Center

707 Richards Street, Suite 200

Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Applications that are found to be incomplete will be returned to the originating organization, along with a notification that the application was incomplete and must be completed before the request for membership will be processed.

The OahuMPO Policy Committee will act on the organization’s membership request at a subsequent meeting. Once a membership request letter is submitted, OahuMPO will let the organization know when the Policy Committee meeting will be held so that a representative may attend to answer questions if they arise.

The organization’s appointment to the CAC shall become effective immediately following the Policy Committee’s approval of the request.

**If your organization had its membership revoked and would like to apply for reinstatement to the CAC, please email or call 587-2015 to request a reinstatement application.


  • Changing Representatives and Alternates
  • CAC Member Orientation Meetings
  • CAC Current and Past Meeting Materials
  • Links to Legislative & Council Agendas

Changing Representatives and Alternates

According to CAC Bylaws, organizations may not recieve attendance credits earned by unauthorized individuals. If the representative for your organization changes, OahuMPO needs to know. In order to continue to earn attendance credits, each time an organization changes its representative or sends a new person to attend a meeting, the orgaization head is responsible for notifying OahuMPO. Please download and fill out the Representative Change Form (9K) and submit it to OahuMPO as soon as possible. Please contact OahuMPO if you have any questions.

CAC Member Orientation Meetings

New and existing CAC members may request an orientation meeting with the OahuMPO Executive Director and staff. Orientation meetings are not mandatory, can be scheduled at any time, and may be repeated as a refresher or to get more details. Orientation meetings are open to organization chairs, representatives, and alternates. Some of the topics covered in these meetings are:

  • The benefits of being a CAC member;
  • OahuMPO’s role in transportation on Oahu;
  • What OahuMPO can and cannot do;
  • Key points of the CAC bylaws; and
  • How to address members’ specific transportation concerns within and outside of the OahuMPO process.

If you would like to schedule an orientation meeting, please contact OahuMPO at 587-2015 or

CAC Current and Past Meeting Materials

More information about the CAC, including meeting agendas and minutes from current and past meetings may be found on the CAC webpage.

Links to Legislative & Council Agendas

The State Legislature and City Council are responsible for the public’s involvement in and notification of their meetings.

In order to assist CAC members as well as members of the public who wish to follow legislative and council bills and resolutions, the following links are provided for your information. Public comments on Legislative and Council bills and resolutions should be made directly to the State Legislature or City Council respectively.

House Transportation Committee

Agendas are posted during session. For more information, contact the House Clerk’s Office at 586-6400.

Senate and Government Operations Committee

Agendas are posted during session. For more information, contact the Senate Clerk’s Office at 586-6720.

Council Agendas

For more information, contact the City Clerk at 768-3810.

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