CAC Meeting – April 19, 2017


Wednesday, April 19, 2017 – 3:00 p.m.

Honolulu Hale, Room 301

530 South King Street, Honolulu, Hawaii


Estimated Meeting Duration: 60 minutes

All meeting materials can be downloaded from the following link:




  1. Call to Order & Introductions


  1. Approval of the March 15, 2017 Meeting Minutes


  1. Report of Policy Board

Summaries of March Policy Board meeting

  1. Unfinished Business

There is no unfinished business.

  1. New Business
  1. Separate Left-Turn Phase Alternatives Study – Kelly Akasaki

The study looks at separate left turn phase alternatives.  The current evaluation process is limited in its scope and addresses only those locations with an existing dedicated left-turn pocket.  Many existing locations cannot accommodate a separate left-turn only lane without using an existing through lane or taking additional right-of-way.  In cases where this is impractical, a method needs to be developed to evaluate locations to determine if installing a left-turn phase is feasible, given its sometimes negative affect on through traffic.

B. CAC Self-Evaluation –  Kiana Otsuka

Further discussion of the role of the CAC, what member organizations hope to get out of the CAC, and how to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the CAC going forward.  This discussion is a follow-up from last month’s self-evaluation exercise, including comments received by members of the CAC, and compiled by OahuMPO.

C. CAC Bylaws Permitted Interaction Group Dick Poirier

Discussion regarding the effectiveness of Section III.A.7-11, relating to member organizations’ responsibilities and the deficient attendance provisions.

Requested Motion: Establish Bylaws Permitted Interaction Group to evaluate the effectiveness of Section III.A.7-11, and recommend changes as appropriate.

D. Other Land Use/Transportation Planning Topics of Interest – Andrea Anixt

The Oahu General Plan revision land use planning and transportation impact inconsistencies of possible import, will be discussed.

  1. Invitation to interested members of the public to be heard on matters not included on the agenda


  1. Announcements


  1. Announcement of next scheduled meeting


4:00: Adjournment  


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 Parking will not be validated. To request language interpretation, or an auxiliary aid or service (i.e., sign language interpreter, or materials in alternative format), contact OahuMPO at 587-2015 (voice only) six (6) business days prior to the meeting date.  TTY users may use TRS to contact our office.