CAC Bylaws Subcommittee Working Page

Welcome to the collaboration page for the 2016 Bylaws Subcommittee!

These are the current CAC bylaws: CAC Bylaws Updated Feb 2011

Bylaws Subcommittee members, please use the comment section at the bottom of this page to identify issues to address during this update.

Links to additional guiding documents are provided below for reference:

Comprehensive Agreement
Chapter 92, Hawaii Revised Statutes: Public Agency Meetings and Records
Policy Board Bylaws
Technical Advisory Committee Bylaws
OahuMPO Participation Plan

CAC Bylaws Subcommittee:
Chair: John Goody
Members: Andrea Anixt, Frank Genadio, Joe Magaldi, Steven Melendrez, Richard Poirier

Note that the next Bylaws Subcommittee meeting will follow the April 20 CAC regular meeting; we will meet from 4:45 to 5:30. (The Bylaws Subcommittee meeting will be listed on the agenda – this is just a head’s up!)

Please note a reference paragraph/section in your comments so other members can easily find it.

4 thoughts on “CAC Bylaws Subcommittee Working Page

  1. Suggested issues to discuss:
    -III.D: Align Chair/Vice-chair term limits with those of TAC and PB officers?
    -III.D: Any need to elect a representative to attend PB meetings?
    -III.A.6: Can CAC member representatives also serve on other OahuMPO committees or boards?
    -Throughout:Add pages numbers to document (sorry, editing comment!!)
    -Throughout: Change “Policy Committee” to “Policy Board”?

  2. III.A.1. Member organization responsibilities. Is this annual reporting working? Should OMPO send out letters asking designation?
    III.A.13. CAC testifying before a legislative body. This seems to be in the wrong place as it has to do with the CAC acting collectively, not a member organization. Two questions: 1) do we wish to loosen this restriction, say by providing notice prior to but not needing to ask permission? and, 2) if we leave as is the language needs to be clarified.
    III.C.2. Termination. This seems very arbitrary. Termination should be for cause.
    III.D.2. Officers and their duties: clarify wording on the voting process
    III.D.7.d. conduct of meetings. Wording is unclear; clarify.
    IV.A.5. Conduct of Business, modifying agenda. Unclear whether it means members present or total membership; clarify.

  3. Section/Line Comment (term or phrase to change will be within hyphens)

    IA/1 Change -“CAC”.- to -“CAC.”-
    IA/2 Change -“OahuMPO”,- to -“OahuMPO,”-
    IA/4 Change -Committee- to -Board-
    IB/2 Change -Committee- to -Board-
    IB/3 Change -citizen’s- to -citizens’-
    IIC2/4 Change -Committee’s- to -Board’s-
    IIC4/3 Change -organizations’- to -organization’s-
    IIC4/5 Change -Committee’s- to -Board’s-
    IIIA2/2 Change -representative”,- to -representative,”-
    IIIA4/2 Change -its- to -his or her-
    IIIA9 Recommend changing the second sentence to read -The OahuMPO staff will
    notify organizations with deficit attendance of their probationary status
    as soon as three consecutive meetings or six total meetings are missed within a calendar year.-
    IIIA13/1 Change -Committee- to -Board-
    IIIA13/4 Change -Committee- to -Board-
    IIIB2/4 Change -its- to -his or her-
    IIIC2/2 Change -Committee- to -Board-
    IIID7/2 Change -which- to -that-
    IIID7/f Change -Committee- to -Board-
    IIID7/g Change -Committee- to -Board-
    IIID7/i Change -Committee- to -Board- (twice)
    IIID7/j Change -Committee- to -Board-
    IVA1/1 Change -day- to -date-
    IVB2/1 Change -organizations- to -organization-
    VA1/2 Change -Committee- to -Board-
    VA2/2 Change -Committee- to -Board-

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