The OahuMPO planning process is guided by three committees: the Policy Board, the Technical Advisory Committee, and the Citizens Advisory Committee. These committees are open to the public and will accept public testimony on agenda items.

Policy Board

The Policy Committee is the “heart” of the OahuMPO planning process. It determines the direction of the OahuMPO effort, considers and approves transportation planning issues, and makes the final approval for OahuMPO matters. Read More.

Technical Advisory Committee

The TAC provides the technical input to OahuMPO’s planning process. The TAC acts as the technical liaison between the Policy Committee and the OahuMPO Executive Director, provides advice to the Policy Committee and the OahuMPO Executive Director on technical matters, and insures the technical competence of the planning process. Read More.

Citizen Advisory Committee

Citizen input to transportation planning is a necessity. To help achieve this, the Policy Committee approved the formation of the Citizen Advisory Committee in 1977. The CAC is the foundation of OahuMPO’s public involvement process. The CAC is a volunteer group consisting of representatives from community organizations, professional associations, neighborhood boards, and the private sector. Read More.

Links to Legislative & Council Agendas

The State Legislature and City Council are responsible for the public’s involvement in and notification of their respective meetings. In order to assist CAC members as well as members of…
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