Welcome to the OahuMPO!

The Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization, (“OahuMPO”), is the designated metropolitan planning organization for the island of Oahu. Federal highway and transit statues require urbanized areas greater than 50,000 in population to designate MPOs as a condition for spending Federal highway or transit funds. Act 132 Session Laws of Hawaii 2015 is the enabling state legislation governing the OahuMPO. It is responsible for facilitating and supporting the continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive transportation planning process between the State, county, and other operators of public transportation receiving federal funds.

The Policy Board is OahuMPO’s decision-making body.  It is supported by a Technical Advisory Committee, a Citizen Advisory Committee, and administrative and planning staff. The OahuMPO is responsible for coordinating the completion of the Oahu Regional Transportation Plan (ORTP), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), and Overall Work Program (OWP).  Please explore the website for more information.

The OahuMPO is participating in the next generation National Household Travel Survey with the Federal Highway Administration from September 2022 to November 2022. We encourage residents to help with this effort aimed at better understanding how people travel on O’ahu. The results will help officials and planners determine where and how to make transportation investments, such as bridges and roads as well as facilities for bicycling, walking and transit.

If you received an invite in the mail, please go to NextGenNHTS.com and enter the passcode indicated in your invite to take the survey. If you need additional assistance with the survey, please call 1-888-521-2520 or send an email to support@NextGenNHTS.com.