2050 Oahu Regional Transportation Plan Request for Qualifications

OahuMPO is seeking Statement Of Qualifications that include the following Professional Services: 

1. Transportation Planning (Community Planning GS‐020) including, but not limited to, the following:

a. Project Management – Management of overall plan process and sub-contractor deliverables management; 

b. Planning – Development of long-range multi-modal transportation plans, data collection and analysis, development, analysis, and evaluation of alternatives/scenarios, resilience planning, coordination with land-use plans and forecasts, and consensus building within a working group of multiple stakeholders; 

c. Dashboard – Gather reliable and timely demographic, socioeconomic, and transportation-related data to assist in regional planning; create a highly interactive dashboard that allows users to analyze trends, build queries to uncover data relationships, and summarize data for reporting; update and improve MPO website to provide data to the public in an informative and accessible manner; 

d. CMP – Congestion Management Process / Performance‐Based Planning – Development and use of processes (including the use of Travel Demand Forecasting Models) to estimate the potential performance impact(s) of a transportation improvement; and define regional CMP objectives, network, performance measures, problems, strategies, implementation, and evaluation; 

e. Data Management – Transportation‐related data collection and management of large databases, development of performance measures based on available data, development of data‐sharing policies and procedures; also includes the use of Travel Demand Forecasting Model (TDFM) and land-use model results for assessing scenario performance measures; 

f. Conceptual Designs – Development of alternative-projects/strategies, at a conceptual level, for purposes of visualization and planning‐level analysis; 

g. Revenue Forecasting and Cost Estimations – Estimating both the probable future revenues available to a jurisdiction for transportation improvements as well as estimating the probable costs of a set of potential transportation improvement projects, establish fiscal constraint, and prioritize projects; 

h. Community Outreach and Public Relations – Facilitation of public participation in planning processes with particular emphasis on consensus building and outreach to Title VI and Environmental Justice communities; includes the ability to develop, administer, and analyze statistically valid public surveys; and leading community engagement to validate developed alternative scenarios, goals and objectives, project prioritization, and draft ORTP; and 

i. Graphic Design, Layout, and Printing of Plans – Completing plan deliverables by developing and printing planning documents in a graphically pleasing and easy‐to‐ read layout. 

OahuMPO prefers to award a single time-and-materials contract to a qualified consultant. Consultants are encouraged to work with other firms to sub-contract tasks they may not be competent in. 

(Released: March 10, 2022; Response Deadline: April 22, 2022) 

Please click here for the full description and requirements for submission. https://hands.ehawaii.gov/hands/opportunities/opportunity-details/21143