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OahuMPO has openings for a Transportation Impact Analyst and a Planning Program Manager.

Transportation Impact Analyst

The Transportation Impact Analyst is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Transportation Improvement Program; maintains data bases and communicates with participating agencies regarding transportation data; monitors transportation system performance, collects and analyzes data; maintains the OahuMPO Data-Sharing Supplemental Agreement with its participating agencies and recommends updates as needed; monitors performance measures and targets, and recommends updates as needed; maintains and implements the agency’s performance-based planning and programming process; works with the Senior Transportation Planner to complete the Congestion Management Process, as needed; examines impacts on T6/EJ populations; manages consultant contracts and oversees the work of consultant teams; and performs other related duties as assigned.

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Planning Program Manager

The Planning Program Manager manages the subrecipient monitoring required under the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Chapter 2, Section 200 which requires hands-on coordinating with all project managers responsible for the Work Elements included in the OahuMPO Overall Work Program (OWP). Attends meetings related to contractor selection, developing scopes of work, reviewing draft and final work products and provide comments, as necessary; ensures that copies of all work products are delivered to both FHWA and FTA. Ensures that contracts for consultant services — and projects in general — are consistent with the OWP in which they were approved and, as required, tracks changes of scope and funding to ensure both contract and the OWP remain in sync. Monitors the ongoing performance of all projects against the stated goals in the objectives. Prepares the Annual Report for the Legislature as required by Hawaii Revised Statutes, Chapter 279-D. Works with the Accountant to gather and analyze the information about work performed by OahuMPO staff and prepares the Annual Report for FTA; provides ad hoc reports to Federal Highway Administration (FHWA); reviews OWP invoices and financials, as necessary and works closely with the OahuMPO planning partners and others to facilitate the 3-C process. Serves on steering committees for participating agency projects; provides intergovernmental staff interface to carry out the metropolitan transportation planning process; is the coordinator for the Technical Advisory Committee and performs other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

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Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer


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