Contracting Opportunities

OahuMPO has posted responses to questions received on the FY2018 Professional Services solicitation:

FY2018 Professional Services Solicitation TDFM Qand A Memo

OahuMPO is seeking statements of qualification for the following Professional Services:

Travel Demand Forecasting Modeling (Computer Science GS-1550) including, but not limited to, the following:

a. Operating a Travel Demand Forecasting Model – thorough knowledge of and experience with travel demand forecasting models, their various routines and subroutines, necessary inputs, and valid interpretation of the model outputs;

b. Model Development and Improvement – experience with updating travel demand forecasting models to reflect changing technologies, changing stakeholder requirements, and incorporation of performance measures into travel demand forecasting requirements;

c. Model Diagnostics and Repair – extensive knowledge of how travel demand forecasting models are built and how they operate, sufficient experience in model operation that incorrect or invalid or incorrect model input or output is easily identifiable, knowledge of coding language sufficient to permit the fixing or adjustment of code with an understanding of the ramifications of such adjustments on the model operation and output.

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